Introducing…Tucson Bump2Baby…Welcome to your VILLAGE

Tucson Bump2Baby

Are you pregnant?

Want to be living a healthier lifestyle?

Curious about labor and delivery and want to be better informed?

Interested in having some additional support during labor and delivery?

Concerned you don’t know enough about taking care of a newborn?

Recently had a baby?

Struggling with breastfeeding?

Want more sleep?

Worried about postpartum depression or anxiety?

Have to go back to work?

Nervous that your home isn’t baby-proofed?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we can help! You are not alone. Pregnancy and parenting bring on a WHOLE LIST of new questions and concerns, joy and happiness, as well as fears and anxieties about doing everything right. Whether this is your first, second, fifth, or your SURPRISE baby, we have you covered. [Read more…] about Introducing…Tucson Bump2Baby…Welcome to your VILLAGE

365 Days With a Clean Slate to Write Your Story….

New Year:Clean Slate
New Year:Clean Slate


Every New Year brings new resolutions, some you will keep, others you won’t, and some you will forget about completely. I stopped making resolutions a long time ago and just decided to do what is best for me and my family as we grow throughout the year. I try to remain flexible with a sense of humor along the way.

[Read more…] about 365 Days With a Clean Slate to Write Your Story….


Postpartum Analogy

Do you throw them out or do you make lemonade?

Postpartum Period Analogy…

If you chose to throw them out, the opportunity to taste them is gone. I believe that men and women will figure the “what it means to be a parent” thing out.  Some parents may take longer than others to figure it out and some will have it down quickly, but eventually you will get there! You may feel prepared because you have read all the books, gone to all the classes, babysat, helped with your siblings and asked all the right questions. However, remember that babies don’t come with a “how to” manual or a schedule. Learning about babies is more “hands on” and intuition not “book reading”. There will be highs and lows, laughter, tears and utter exhaustion but you will make it all on your own! [Read more…] about WHEN LIFE HANDS YOU LEMONS…YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE.

Due to COVID 19, Colleen will only be providing virtual in home support.

Feel free to call, text or email her for virtual support in the comfort, safety & security of your home. You are not alone!