Mom, Baby and Family Postpartum Care

Your After Baby Consultant will help you out with the ABC‘s of Postpartum Care:


Postpartum Care

A- Ask for help

B- Breast or Bottle feeding support

C- Contraception (YES, you can get pregnant right away)

D- Doula (Postpartum Support)

E- Expectations (BE REALISTIC)

F- Family (get everyone involved)

G- Grace (give yourself plenty of it)

H- Hormones (take a while to get back to pre pregnant state)

I- Instinct (grows with your confidence)

J- Judicious with your family, time, visitors, sleepPostpartum Care

K- Kind, be KIND to yourself

L- Lochia (bleeding after birth)

M- Memories (make them and document them)

O- Optimistic (it DOES get better)

P- Patience (it develops)

Q- Quiet time (find the time)

R-Rest and Relax 

S- Self-Care (make yourself a priority)

T- Teamwork (work together and ask for help)

U- Unconditional Love

V- Village, find it!Continuity of Care

W- Work (when do you or partner have to return?)

X- Xoxoxoxoxo (hugs and kisses to baby)

Y- YOU are enough, YOU got this!

Z- Zest for your parenting journey


Let me know how I can help support your family today.

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