love letter from baby

I am finally here. You have waited 10 long months to meet me. Here is my love letter to you:

Parenting is HARD.  We know becoming a parent can be SCARY and OVERWHELMING yet JOYOUS and EXCITING all at the same time.  We don’t come with a book of instructions or a HOW TO manual.  Some days you take 3 steps forward and then 12 backwards. Just when you think you figure us out, we change things up for you. We too, are learning. 

We cry because we can. Sometimes we burp, lots of times we fart.  Peeing on you when you put a fresh diaper on us, is a game we LOVE to play. We love to sleep during the day and keep you up all night. Wrapped in your arms or laying on your chest makes us feel safe and secure. Smelling your skin, hearing your heart beat and listening to your voice calms us down.  Cuddle us lots, that is our favorite.

We know we can be confusing at times.  It is hard when you don’t have all the answers and some days you just wing it. You are exhausted and your hormones are making you feel weird all over. Be patient with us and just continue to love us unconditionally.

What ME, your baby, want you to know. In no particular order:

  • FIRST, you are doing a great job!
  • SECOND, it is ok to doubt yourself and mess up, you are not expected to have all the answers, no one does
  • THIRD, set boundaries with family and friends & don’t be afraid to say “NO”
  • FOURTH, don’t compare yourself to any other parents or me to any other kids, I am one of a kind
  • FIFTH, if one trick doesn’t work, try another one. I am not a one size fits all baby
  • SIXTH, take a nap when you can, sleep is hard to come by at first
  • SEVEN, Don’t be afraid to ASK for help. You are not alone
  • EIGHT, don’t forget to take care of you, YOU are important and I NEED you to be OK!
  • NINE, don’t google stuff, EVER

Teamwork makes the dream work! Ask for help when you need it, hire Colleen (  We can all use some TLC sometimes, so take care of yourself.  YOU are enough! Remember, we don’t need everything, all the BIG fancy gear, we just need your love and attention.  Together WE GOT THIS!

Love, your sweet baby. 

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Due to COVID 19, Colleen will only be providing virtual in home support.

Feel free to call, text or email her for virtual support in the comfort, safely providing virtual and in-person support based on families needs!