Tis the season for THANKFULNESS!  

Be thankful!

In a time when we should all be counting our blessings, we tend to wonder WHAT to be thankful for and HOW to be thankful. Tempers are short, lines are longer, drivers forget how to drive, weather is brutal, sleep is disturbed, school projects, parties and end of the year activities fill up our calendars and self-care goes right out the window.

When you are feeling stressed, stop, take a time out, go outside, breath in the fresh air, think about something that makes you smile and give someone a HUG (releases oxytocin)


Parenting is a 24/7 365 day commitment with no time off and vacations, holidays and THANK YOU’s are often scarce. It is HARD and some days are harder than others. Holidays make life a little more interesting: kids get overstimulated by all the activity, noise, candy and lights and there seem to be scrooges everywhere.

This season can be hard for some people, me included, but just remember that you are not alone and no matter what, you have something to be grateful for.   You woke up today!

My top 25 things to be grateful for are: (first few are my TOP priorities, the others are in no particular order)


-My family (immediate and extended, near and far) I KNOW they always have my back! My grandparents who told me stories and fed me sweets, my parents who gave me life and wings to fly, my husband (high school sweetheart) who is my rock and best friend, my girls who inspire me and keep me on my toes and my sister who makes me laugh, cry and love life!

-My son (in heaven) for giving me strength and tenacity, reminding me to slow down, breath and enjoy the little things.

-My friends, too many to call out, but if you are my tribe, I LOVE you and am so grateful to you!

-My health, generally, I feel great! I am hot a lot (not menopause) and I might experience more aches and pains than I used to, but I will keep going strong till I no longer can.

-My passion, working with moms, babies and families<3

-My business partners, they inspire and motivate me to THINK BIG!

-Police officers, Military Personnel, Veterans, Fire Fighters, EMTs, Doctors, Nurses, Health Care Professionals

-My dogs, even though they drive me crazy and are naughty, still happily greet me when I walk through the door.

-My bed…I LOVE it but more importantly I LOVE to sleep!

-My house because it embodies LOVE, SAFETY, SECURITY, WARMTH, COMFORT and HOME

-My car aka “mom’s taxi”…it gets me to everywhere I need to go!

-Soccer, LOVE the sport!  Great times on and off the field with friends.

-Social Media, allows me to keep in contact with people and see glimpses into far away family and friends’ lives.

-The gym, allows me to relieve stress, sweat, lift weights and dance. My daily work outs rejuvenate me!

-Fuzzy socks that keep my cold feet warm and cozy

-People who listen to hear and not always speak!

-My networking groups, fabulous people who are fantastic, honest and great at what they do!

-Retail workers who smile and greet me when I walk in (even when they don’t want to)

-Mousse, it gives my hair a little extra curl and keeps it from looking like a frizz ball.

-Food, water and Oxygen for without them, I wouldn’t be here!

-Electronics, they just make life easier!

-Good medical/thriller mystery books (entertain me and help pass time in the car or plane)

-Coaches, teachers, tutors, mentors, volunteers and pastors for pouring into our lives.

Grace, Hope, Forgiveness, Laughter, Strength, Patience, Peace, Kindness and LOVE!!!

This list only took a few minutes to come up with as I thought about my day. Tomorrow it may look a little different but I will CHOOSE to smile more often, laugh out loud, sing and dance like no one is watching and practice random acts of kindness this holiday season.  Make a THANKFUL list for yourself and ask your kids to do the same thing.

DON’T forget to schedule some time for self-care during this busy and chaotic season!  It will do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

What is one thing that you will do differently today?

1st Thanksgiving

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