Colleen is a gem! Who needs YouTube or Google things about babies and postpartum when you have her? Colleen knows every hack in the postpartum world. She will help you psychologically settle in parenthood, digest the experience of birth (prevent postpartum depression) show you how to effectively breastfeed at home and in public, how to adjust gracefully with your partner and soooo much more. It will depend on each family’s need. She has the professional background and life experience to guide you plus her impeccable network of providers will fill in any gap you need as a new parent. . . Mama’s when in doubt.. CALL COLLEEN!
Your familys journey review
Patty P.
Owner of Thrive Life Center
As a birth doula, Colleen is a phenomenal partner to provide after baby care for my clients who desire knowledgeable and professional support in-home after their baby arrives. From breastfeeding to home safety, sleep strategies, baby’s first bath, the family’s emotional well-being and just all around non-judgmental, open, honest and evidence based support, Colleen is the added touch to help families feel comfortable in their own strengths and secure in their new family unit.
Blessed Birth LLC
Shannon C.
Owner of Blessed Birth​
Colleen brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her job. She is an experienced RN with great clinical skills. She is easy to talk to, very supportive and a great postpartum resource for families in Tucson. I give her a 5 star review.
Stephanie C.
I stopped googling and started asking Colleen when I had questions about my twins
Katie B.
I remember the feeling after bringing home my first son from the hospital. I was thrilled but also anxious because my wife and I were left with so many questions unanswered. Knowing that there is a service like Your Family’s Journey available I now refer all of my expecting friends so that they are better prepared for taking care of a newborn than I was.
Ian B.
Colleen is a treasure to families in Tucson. So much knowledge, such a gentle bedside manner, and true passion in her heart to serve families with newborns. You will be in excellent hands in her care.
Kim B.
There is so much information for pregnancy, and labor & delivery all over the place. The one thing I really wanted but found lacking was postpartum care. I am so thankful we found Colleen!! From the first time we met her we instantly felt comfortable, supported, and relieved! Colleen was there for us as we navigated the first couple of weeks of postpartum with our sweet newborn. Always positive, caring, knowledgeable, and a text away!
Josephine T.
Colleen has been such an amazing support person for myself and our first child. She helped us set up our house and prepare for our baby. Once the baby came and life was turned upside down she came to the rescue. She made sure I showered and got some personal time, was patient and kind during my emotional roller coaster episodes and helped with medical concerns. She is very responsive and will rearrange her schedule to accommodate parents in need.
Anna W.
Colleen is great at what she does! She makes moms and dads feel at ease with their newborn no matter if it is their 1st or their 4th. She supports your decisions and wants what is best for your family. She includes all members of the family (siblings and grandparents) in all her teaching and always made everyone feel included. Colleen is knowledgeable and stays current on latest research and safety. If you are looking for support and care after your little one arrives, look no further.
Anne H.
Colleen from Your Family’s Journey is an incredible connector. She is consistently referring people to the appropriate experts to make sure that any of her clients have all the assistance they need as they traverse the Fourth trimester. I am amazed by the service and care that she shows to each of her clients that I meet, but also to me as a person who benefits from her ability to connect people. I am blessed to get to call Colleen a colleague and friend.
Melissa, B PT
Colleen was such a blessing to work with! I am a first-time single mom & my daughter’s arrival was very stressful. She was very flexible in meeting with us while we settled in. She was ALWAYS available for any & every question I had (and still have). She is very professional but makes you feel incredibly at ease which is what you need when you just had a baby.
Amy S.
Colleen…you saved us. I can’t begin to tell you how much you helped us with a newborn and continue to help as he gets older. You are an Angel!
Grandma Deb
As a young mom I was so nervous to have my baby and the week of my baby’s arrival Colleen stepped in to help me by phone (I live in a different state) and answer all the questions I had about labor and delivery. After talking to her on the phone I felt at peace and felt that she really cared about me and my baby. She was so accepting and kind and listened to every concern or question I had. Any troubles I have she always has the right answers and reassures me that I’m doing a great job. She always follows up with me and asks how I’m doing. Colleen does an amazing job and I can’t say enough about her and what a positive experience it’s been to have her help along the way in our journey.
Jalaah R.
As new parents, my wife and I had no idea what to expect. I am nothing short of amazed by the level of professionalism, passion and warm-hearted kindness that Colleen has displayed to my family and I.
Brian P.

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