Weightless and Heavenly


Pregnancy Float tank
Pregnancy Float tank

In my quest to help families throughout their pregnancy and postpartum period, I stumbled across flotation therapy. I have to admit, I had never heard of this before so I was a tad skeptical but after talking to Kalyn Wolf, the owner of Cloud Nine, I wanted to learn more.  I was eager to try it myself and now that I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I want to share it with the world.  What makes the flotation tank so amazing you ask???  Just sit back and enjoy this blog because I know you will want to try it for yourself once you are done reading.  First, it is automatic QUIET alone time (if you are a parent, this is an added bonus). You are in an environment free from gravity, stress, tension and pain.  YES, it is safe to float during pregnancy and postpartum. [Read more…] about Weightless and Heavenly

Introducing…Tucson Bump2Baby…Welcome to your VILLAGE

Tucson Bump2Baby

Are you pregnant?

Want to be living a healthier lifestyle?

Curious about labor and delivery and want to be better informed?

Interested in having some additional support during labor and delivery?

Concerned you don’t know enough about taking care of a newborn?

Recently had a baby?

Struggling with breastfeeding?

Want more sleep?

Worried about postpartum depression or anxiety?

Have to go back to work?

Nervous that your home isn’t baby-proofed?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we can help! You are not alone. Pregnancy and parenting bring on a WHOLE LIST of new questions and concerns, joy and happiness, as well as fears and anxieties about doing everything right. Whether this is your first, second, fifth, or your SURPRISE baby, we have you covered. [Read more…] about Introducing…Tucson Bump2Baby…Welcome to your VILLAGE

Babies, Teeth and the Dentist

When should you take your little one to see the dentist?

Baby’s first teeth

There is nothing cuter than a BIG CHEESY smile with a little tooth poking out of the gums. Little teeth are sharp and baby’s will love to chew on things even more than they did before. As with all things, baby’s can vary with teeth eruptions, but usually baby’s first teeth (bottom central incisors) will poke through between 3-6 months, followed by the top central incisors 6-9 months. Typically, by age 3, your child will have 20 pearly whites and a full smile.  [Read more…] about Babies, Teeth and the Dentist

Your BEST Practical Friends in the Immediate Postpartum Period

Postpartum items
Postpartum items to have on hand


YES, you may want actual friends who bring your favorite magazines, netflix, movies, bottle of wine, food/snacks, fuzzy socks, two extra hands, conversation, tissues, chapstick and good smelling candles but the below suggestions are more practical for your immediate recovery and are listed in no particular order of importance….

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So Much More than a Beautiful Piece of Cloth



So I found myself at a Rebozo workshop this past week. I walked in not knowing what to expect and not sure if or how I could apply what I would be learning to my postpartum work. I love having my mind blown at workshops and love even more when I can put my knowledge to use in a variety of areas, not only for my clients and their families, but for my own family and friends.

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Tucson Kid Friendly Activities

Looking for kid friendly activities in Tucson?

Tucson Kid friendly activities

At my last couple of postpartum home visits, I have been asked, “what is there to do with my 0-5 year old in Tucson?” As a recovering mom with a new baby and a stir crazy older child, the thought of packing up and going out is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it could make for a better, calmer and happier afternoon for YOU. [Read more…] about Tucson Kid Friendly Activities