How to best support your friend when she is the NEW MOM?

The new mom….

New Mom-Tucson Postpartum DoulaYou are the FIRST of your friends to be pregnant. Everyone is so excited and over the moon to meet your little bundle of joy. Soon though, they realize that having a baby is A LOT of work.  You can no longer just drop everything and meet up.  You are not as free to go to happy hour, the gym, or meet up after you get off work.

Messy buns, yoga pants and puffy eyes are your new attire but your heart is FULL. You are in love.  Exhausted. Missing your friends. Feeling alone.  Where is everyone? Why is no one coming over anymore? Your phone rarely buzzes.  Did my friends forget about me? [Read more…] about How to best support your friend when she is the NEW MOM?


Tis the season for THANKFULNESS!  

Be thankful!

In a time when we should all be counting our blessings, we tend to wonder WHAT to be thankful for and HOW to be thankful. Tempers are short, lines are longer, drivers forget how to drive, weather is brutal, sleep is disturbed, school projects, parties and end of the year activities fill up our calendars and self-care goes right out the window.

When you are feeling stressed, stop, take a time out, go outside, breath in the fresh air, think about something that makes you smile and give someone a HUG (releases oxytocin)


Parenting is a 24/7 365 day commitment with no time off and vacations, holidays and THANK YOU’s are often scarce. It is HARD and some days are harder than others. Holidays make life a little more interesting: kids get overstimulated by all the activity, noise, candy and lights and there seem to be scrooges everywhere.

This season can be hard for some people, me included, but just remember that you are not alone and no matter what, you have something to be grateful for.   You woke up today! [Read more…] about WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?

Need to Turbo Charge Your Engine?

Turbo charge

As summer is coming to an end and schools are starting back up women, especially mothers, might find themselves feeling stuck in a rut. I think it is safe to assume, we have all been there at some point in our lives for a variety of reasons.  The hardest part is finding the motivation to crawl out of it and TRY to do better.

First off find out what motivates and inspires you to want to be better. What gets your heart pumping and makes you feel excited or possibly nervous to try?  Maybe you will discover something you never knew about or never thought of before. Then, STOP neglecting yourself and do something you KNOW will make you feel better. You deserve it! [Read more…] about Need to Turbo Charge Your Engine?