Tis the season for THANKFULNESS!  

Be thankful!

In a time when we should all be counting our blessings, we tend to wonder WHAT to be thankful for and HOW to be thankful. Tempers are short, lines are longer, drivers forget how to drive, weather is brutal, sleep is disturbed, school projects, parties and end of the year activities fill up our calendars and self-care goes right out the window.

When you are feeling stressed, stop, take a time out, go outside, breath in the fresh air, think about something that makes you smile and give someone a HUG (releases oxytocin)


Parenting is a 24/7 365 day commitment with no time off and vacations, holidays and THANK YOU’s are often scarce. It is HARD and some days are harder than others. Holidays make life a little more interesting: kids get overstimulated by all the activity, noise, candy and lights and there seem to be scrooges everywhere.

This season can be hard for some people, me included, but just remember that you are not alone and no matter what, you have something to be grateful for.   You woke up today! [Read more…] about WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?

Introducing…Tucson Bump2Baby…Welcome to your VILLAGE

Tucson Bump2Baby

Are you pregnant?

Want to be living a healthier lifestyle?

Curious about labor and delivery and want to be better informed?

Interested in having some additional support during labor and delivery?

Concerned you don’t know enough about taking care of a newborn?

Recently had a baby?

Struggling with breastfeeding?

Want more sleep?

Worried about postpartum depression or anxiety?

Have to go back to work?

Nervous that your home isn’t baby-proofed?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we can help! You are not alone. Pregnancy and parenting bring on a WHOLE LIST of new questions and concerns, joy and happiness, as well as fears and anxieties about doing everything right. Whether this is your first, second, fifth, or your SURPRISE baby, we have you covered. [Read more…] about Introducing…Tucson Bump2Baby…Welcome to your VILLAGE

Day dreaming and traveling. Where Would I Go? What Would I Do?

Adventures in traveling
Adventures in traveling


Being a new mom is hard and staring at the same four walls can get tiresome day after day.  It can also be lonely.  Even though your days may be full of feeds, diaper changes, snuggles, naps, feeds, diaper changes, burping, housework, errands and when lucky, a shower,  sometimes you may need to just lose yourself in the moment and re-charge. [Read more…] about Day dreaming and traveling. Where Would I Go? What Would I Do?

Unique Gifts for the Entire Family: From the Baby’s Perspective

Unique baby shower gift

I am so excited to finally be earth side and looking forward to meeting all of you eventually, but what would be really cool is if you could love on my family for me as they adjust to my being home.  I am sure that I will look cute in all the adorable outfits and I will try to use all the other gifts, BUT if you are looking for a unique gift for my mom and dad, sibling, family or ME, here is what I propose: [Read more…] about Unique Gifts for the Entire Family: From the Baby’s Perspective

When your family expands through adoption.


This is a little insight into my amazing sisters life and the twin boys who are now part of our forever family! Here is their story:

When a person has successfully made and delivered four kids, one would think….this is it. Well, our family was destined to be different.  We felt like we were supposed to “make four and get four”.  So, after “making” four kids in five years, it was time to start the process of “getting” four.  Sounds crazy, huh?  Well, it might be, but this is what our family has been called to do.  At the present time, we have made four and gotten two.  So there are two more out there, waiting patiently for us to claim them…..and that IS CRAZY. Crazy can be good. [Read more…] about When your family expands through adoption.

Due to COVID 19, Colleen will only be providing virtual in home support.

Feel free to call, text or email her for virtual support in the comfort, safety & security of your home. You are not alone!