prenatal questionsYou have chosen your provider and the news that you are expecting is finally sinking in.  Maybe you get an early sonogram picture and your heart explodes at the life growing inside you. The wheels in your mind are spinning as prenatal questions keep popping up. You devour pregnancy books and ask friends but you won’t have peace of mind until you chat with your provider.

As an RN, a former certified childbirth educator and co-author of Starting out Right: Positive Strategies to Guide Adolescents through Healthy Pregnancy and Childbirth, I have heard almost every possible question that people have during their pregnancy. A good amount I can answer, others I will tell you I need to get back to you and some I will tell you to ask your OB or Midwife.

Pregnancy can be an exciting, overwhelming, scary and unsure time in one’s life.  It is common to have all kinds of questions, hundreds of them.  Ask them.  I have always said The only silly prenatal question is the question not asked.  Chances are if you have a question, so does someone else.  Embarrassing questions arise too at times, but don’t be afraid to ask them too. I will never laugh at you or make you feel silly for asking.

Your first appointment is usually your longest and is a great time to ask your questions.  Take the piece of paper with your questions written on it out of your purse and ask them at every appointment.  Every person and every pregnancy is different.  What is common one month may feel different the following month.

TOP 20 prenatal questions I hear from my pregnant couples:

  • Nausea, vomiting, dehydration, what can help? How long will it last? When do I need to be worried?
  • What happens if I cannot keep my prenatal vitamins down?
  • What do I do if I am cramping? Spotting, bleeding? Fever?
  • Do I have anything to be concerned about during this pregnancy?
  • What testing do I need to have done? When? What are you testing me for?
  • How much weight should I gain?
  • Are my current medications safe to take during pregnancy?
  • What over the counter medications are safe to take? Which ones should I avoid?
  • What foods should I avoid?
  • Do I need to lay on a particular side?
  • Are there any exercise restrictions?
  • When should I start feeling movement? How often should I feel it? When do I call?
  • Is there any reason why I cannot have sex?
  • What is the latest I can travel on a plane or in a car for long distances?
  • What causes weird dreams?
  • Do you recommend any vaccinations for my family or myself while I am pregnant?
  • Can I get x-rays at the dentist?
  • Are keepsake ultrasounds safe for my baby?
  • Can I get my hair dyed? Are nail salons safe?
  • Can I get back and/or foot massages?

Make sure you know WHEN to contact your prenatal provider and HOW to contact them when you have further questions. Once your initial questions have been answered, sit back and enjoy the first your growing belly.

The last portion of this blog series will address questions to ask your provider as you approach the end of your pregnancy.

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