Postpartum Meaning

An undefined period of time after delivery for bonding, resting and adjusting while feeling loved and supported.

I have been blessed with 3 beautiful children, 2 daughters and 1 son. Parenting has been an incredible journey of ups and downs, mostly ups but one that has made me the person I am today. My first daughter was a big stubborn beautiful baby, my son was a robust handsome boy and my second daughter, my littlest princess, came out in a flash and hasn’t slowed down since. All three deliveries were very different, but I remember them all as if they were born yesterday. I am truly blessed!

My postpartum periods (pp) were different with each one…

Although I was and still am a postpartum nurse, nothing can quite prepare you for having one of your own.  The responsibility factor was ENORMOUS and even though we were more than ready to take this new journey head on, it was still a little scary. For the most part, my pp went smoothly, breastfeeding took a while to get the hang of but we made it work! I felt ready and less nervous with the birth of our son, but nothing can prepare you for being a perfect family of four one minute, then back to a shattered family of three the next.  Nine days just weren’t enough! Empty arms, utter devastation, unimaginable grief and brokenness were my feelings, but wait, I had a little girl who desperately needed her mama and didn’t understand why her baby brother wasn’t there anymore. A broken husband who couldn’t “fix” this and a houseful of family and friends who just wanted to ease our pain and provide us with support and love. Many months were a blur, one foot in front of the other and lots of tears. Then came an unexpected pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.  Oh man, was my faith tested! Another blessing of a little girl came in the form of perfection, however, I was terrified and wanted to live in a bubble and became a fierce protector.

We went from being just the two of us, to three, to four, back to three and then fulfilled and complete after our second daughter’s birth.  Unconditional LOVE, miraculous, joy, alive, inspired, overwhelmed, emotional, realization of dreams that will never happen with our son, blessed. Scared of the unknown, grief stricken, sleep deprived, mental anguish, exhausted, heartbroken, lost. Gone but NEVER forgotten! Strong bonds, delighted, protective, survivor, worried. Informed, decisive, opinionated, strong willed, educated, compassionate and passionate, empathetic. Proud, determined, giddy, supported, loved. Strained FAITH to restored HOPE!

As I look back over the list of emotions that my pp brought, forgetting some I am sure, I am amazed at how over the almost 14 years since becoming a mom, I feel the same way every day when I look at my children.   This is my journey and I couldn’t be more proud of my family, how far we have come and how far we will continue to GO.

As a licensed professional postpartum nurse, certified postpartum doula, lactation and childbirth educator I bring a wealth of knowledge, passion and experience to families during this most precious time.

Providing nonjudgmental, hands on care while giving evidenced based information and education to help support your parenting journey.

“When that child looks into your eyes, and you know it is yours, you know what it means to be alive”-Anonymous

What can be done to help you feel loved and supported during your postpartum period?

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